A word often spoken in the context of many aspects. But arguably based on a flawed interpretation. By this I mean, a consistent rhetoric has developed regarding what it means to be balanced, and men are sub-consciously attuned to this one-dimensional line of thought and applying the associated vision to judge and define behaviours. Let’s… Continue reading Balance

Be Still

There’s a dichotomy I would like to explore. We live in a fast world. And the world is moving faster by the day. Innovations, technological advancements, infrastructural developments, inventions, medical solutions. You name it. We’re living in the age of ideas. Men are growing wiser and becoming unstoppable. Every day, we wake up to something… Continue reading Be Still


Compliments of the New Year! Congratulations on making it to 2023. The fact you did is all the proof you need that this is your year! Because you’re here. Which, sadly, some aren’t. And we don’t take it for granted. So, despite whatever challenges you may be facing right now, you still have air in… Continue reading Evolve


It’s the end of another year. And how time has literally flashed by. If you look around. You’ll see a lot more greying and ageing and all that not so fun stuff that comes with the passage of time. Proof of life, I guess. And that our rotations around the sun continue to increase. But… Continue reading Monuments

Let The Children Be!

It’s a new month, which means about that time to catch up again! How I look forward to these blogs. I’ve found that topics in previous months often weave through the months ahead; informing many personal experiences. As if somehow connecting the dots along the way. And this is my hope for you too. That… Continue reading Let The Children Be!


There’s a conversation I started in September. But didn’t get through because I had too much to say! And can we just pause and recognise how there’s so much to talk about, friends. The world’s moving in all kinds of directions and at an alarming rate. We’ve never needed guiding voices of truth more than we… Continue reading Language


We’re into the last few months of 2022 and, for those of us who participate in the 3-term school calendar, the final one for 2022. Making it an opportune time to ponder on my topic for the month; Education.    I don’t know about your household. But in mine, when the kids are in school,… Continue reading Education


A powerful word, easily taken for granted. Yet increasingly common and engrafted in the lives of men and women across the world today. And has almost become the norm. By definition, compromise refers to “an agreement or settlement of a dispute that is reached by each side making concessions”. In order to achieve a greater… Continue reading Compromise


The concept of Positioning intrigues me and is a topic I continue to deeply study and meditate on. More so in my journey as an entrepreneur, as I believe it’s a wisdom to grasp early in building any vision. I believe that a business should be self-sustaining. We know, by law, that a company is… Continue reading Positioning

Happy Birthday

I started writing this blog just over two weeks ago. But boy, has it been expensive to find time?! Though, this is no wonder. With the world opening up again and life resuming to normality, we’re getting busier by the day! To think. Many said that the Covid-19 season meant the end of life as… Continue reading Happy Birthday