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Est. September 2021
Tsim & Bibi's very own blog, aimed at providing a platform to engage and share with you, our esteemed friends.  We will, of course, talk cakes and all things caking-it. But we will also touch on various other topics. The aim being to keep a conversation going between us as we continue to serve you.
This first article serves to formally introduce Tsim & Bibi to you. To tell you a little bit about who we are, where we come from, what we do, why we do it, and how we do it.

Walk with me …

My name is Chipo Pswarayi and I am the founder of Tsim & Bibi. I was born and bred in Harare, Zimbabwe, but moved to South Africa in 1998 and have never looked back. I am proud to call this beautiful country my home and to play my part in growing the economy and impacting lives on a daily basis.
Tsim & Bibi was built around its famous red velvet cake, which was first baked in 2011. It was love at first bite. People just could not get enough of it. Within months, we had introduced a range of other flavours which were just as delectable. And Tsim & Bibi began selling its cakes at mall markets in Johannesburg - Cedar Square and Melrose Arch, to name a few. The demand for our cakes spoke for itself and, in no time, it became clear that Tsim & Bibi had to move to the next level. So trading under the banner of ChipoM, Tsim & Bibi opened shop at Sandton View Shopping Centre in Bryanston, Johannesburg in 2013. We had a splendid time supplying our cakes to the market. However, we soon felt that the business had grown faster than it was ready for, and took the hard but considered decision to close shop in 2014 and to spend a little more quiet time mastering our trade.
For the next 6 years, we supplied a limited number of orders from my home, as we went back to the basics. And by the end of 2020, we knew that we were ready to go at it again. To open shop in 2021. But this time with a clearer business model and more well-defined brand. So after a few months of planning and preparation, Tsim & Bibi opened its doors at Morning Glen Shopping Centre in Gallo Manor, Johannesburg on 07 June 2021.
Tsim & Bibi is a luxury cake shop that supplies cakes, cupcakes, scones, biscuits, slush and toffee apples. All of our products are freshly made on order. We use only the highest quality ingredients and do not compromise on this at all. Our recipes and designs are unique. We have taken the time to develop them to ensure a perfect balance between flavours and textures, while also ensuring that the essence of who we are comes through clearly.  We have a highly skilled and trained team that fully understands the Tsim & Bibi brand and strives to maintain these high standards. 

Our customers attest to it.  Tsim & Bibi's cakes are light and fluffy, not too sweet, have the softest and most delicious icing, and simply look beautiful. We have a range of yummy slush flavours which are imported from the United Kingdom and give our customers the desired optionality.  Our toffee apples are individually made and packaged, using a recipe that was developed over several months of trial and error. All of our products are specially maintained according to the strictest protocols in order to ensure their freshness and the satisfaction of our customers. Again, we do not compromise on this at all. As a result, we sell a limited number of products in store on a daily basis, and pride ourselves on an made-for-order business model where we guarantee the freshness of our products for at least seven days from collection.
Tsim & Bibi's packaging has been specially designed to both match the luxurious products and to provide our customers with a memorable experience at first glance and touch. From time-to-time we have surprise experiences in store, like our recent Spring Day experience where we celebrated the turn of the seasons in a bright and colourful manner, simply because we love to spoil our customers and ensure that they receive a tangible experience of the Tsim & Bibi brand. Plans are already underway in preparation for the Christmas season that is soon upon us, and we look forward to giving our customers a marvellous experience in the spirit of the season.  You do not want to miss this!  

We love what we do and take pleasure in going all out to invest in our customers. We get it. It's about special occasions, special people, special celebrations and, importantly, value for money.
Tsim & Bibi is a family owned and managed business, named after the nicknames of Tsiamo and Sarabi, my teenage son and daughter. Tsiamo and Sarabi are both shareholders in the business and also participate in its daily affairs. Tsiamo is the Social Media Director, while Sarabi is the Art Director and a Baking Assistant. She is also the beauty and the brains behind our delicious toffee apples.  You are guaranteed to see both of them behind the counter when you pop in store during the school holidays.
Thank you for your patronage and goodwill.  The business is because you are.  We look forward to a long, fruitful and blessed journey ahead with you, as we partner together on your special occasions. To this end, we promise you consistency, excellence, attention to detail, customer service of the highest degree, to make music in your mouth, and to exceed your expectations with every bite. Simply put, "a taste of Heaven!".
Yours in caking-it,

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