Monkey’s Wedding

It’s in the rainbow!

As you may already know, Tsim & Bibi has a range of standard cake flavours which include our famous red velvet cake, to name one.  What many don’t know is that in addition to these standard flavours, Tsim & Bibi has introduced a range of signature cakes, which were specially designed to bring an adventurous playfulness to our commonly accepted flavours, by combining textures and flavours, to produce one-of-a-kind treats that will satisfy every taste bud.  One of these is our Monkey’s Wedding cake, which is essentially a rainbow cake layered with vanilla frosting, entirely covered with hundreds of thousands, and topped with skittles.  What’s more.  Should you so desire, we fill the centre of the cake with sweets that pour out as the cake is cut.  A truly sweet sensation bursting with colour, flavour and lots of fun!

Notably, Tsim & Bibi has also introduced a range of signature cupcakes that mirror the play with our signature cakes, in which the Monkey’s Wedding cake has a cousin, in the form of a rainbow cupcake topped with vanilla icing and tastefully yet simply decorated with a colourful sweet.  A beautiful piece of heaven that will leave any rainbow lover satisfied. 

Why the play with rainbows, you may ask?  Because there’s something in a rainbow that deserves attention from a look perspective, but also in the significance of it.  Rainbows are not common, hence their signature aspect in our cakes.  But what’s more, no one can disagree.  Every time you see a rainbow, something special takes place.  Both within and without.

We’ve heard it said.  When it rains, monkeys are getting married somewhere in the world.  But the saying ‘monkeys wedding’ is even more specific.  It refers to a rain shower that occurs while the sun is shining.   A beautiful encounter with nature, where a seemingly intrusive and inconvenient rainstorm is meshed with those beautiful rays of that sunshine that we all love.  Where the wind and cold that usually accompanies a rainstorm is balanced with the light and radiance that flows from the sun.  Surprisingly bringing a little warmth amid the cold.  And brightening up what would otherwise be a completely dull and wet occasion.  Certainly, a sight not to be missed.

What’s more.  Monkey’s weddings are usually followed by beautiful rainbows.  And we love them.  How they literally pop up in the sky from nowhere after a rainstorm, and somewhat pave a route through eternity.  We don’t know where they begin and can’t really tell where they end, but we see the beauty.  Moreover, we tangibly feel a sense of hope with the sighting, as the sky is invaded by an arching kaleidoscope, telling of everything washed away by the rainstorm that was, but looking to the newness that will follow once the ground has settled, aptly refreshed and reinvigorated by the spell of nutritious water.

How beautifully these appearances of nature speak to life in general.  We know that the sun rises and sets every day and is always in the sky.  It’s a constant.  The variable is cloud cover.  When there are no clouds in the sky, the sun shines brightly for all to see.  And when there are clouds in the sky, they cover the sun.  The more the clouds, the less the sun.  One would even think that the sun is not out.  But it’s always there.  Shining ever so brightly in the same position.  With the same heat, intensity, and light.  Just sometimes masked behind and hidden by clouds.  But still standing strong in all its grandeur and beauty.

And that’s the thing.  If it were only sunshine, then there would never be any rainbows.  And there are no rainbows without the rain.

Life’s a beautiful and bright adventure that should be enjoyed through every experience.  We live in a world filled with so much.  So many places to go, so many things to see, so many people of different cultures to relate with, so much to invest in, and so on.  We’re spoilt for choice.  Everyday we are presented with options and opportunities to add to the experience of living our best lives.  But there’s a juxtaposition.  Despite all this ‘goodness’, we all experience moments and situations that are not so beautiful at one point in time.  Moments of trial and tribulation whose end seems afar off or possibly unachievable.  When you could curl up and give in, simply because of the adverse forces working against you.  Moments that seek to steal your joy. 

But it all turns on attitude.  In these moments, one could choose to give up and die, or to stand strong and fight through.  To resile to the fact that things will never improve and sink into a hole, or to hope for a better and brighter tomorrow.  To respond to the circumstances with a sense of hopelessness, or to remain positive despite the odds. 

And this is where rainbows step up.  To remind us that there’s still hope despite the storm.  That tomorrow is still another day.  To sweep us into moments in eternity where the outlook is still bright despite the present dark circumstances.  To inspire us not to give in by appreciating the available opportunities, and to get up and keep going.  Reminding us that while we can’t stop the rain, we get to choose how we respond to it.  To choose to see and hold on to the beauty of life through the rainstorm, and to never give up on hope no matter how tough the challenges life may throw at us. 

Some of you have heard the song ‘Cover me in Sunshine’.  It’s catchy and speaks to the positivity and goodness that we associate with sunshine.  And the good times in our life.  It’s a beautiful ideal.  One where we’re all smiles all the time because everything just works out perfectly all the time.  But it’s not realistic.  Because dark days are inevitable, in one shape or form.  Not only this, such moments are necessary parts of life, presenting opportunities for growth and development that can only be attained through the relevant experiences.  It’s in challenging times that one can reach deeper within and bring out a certain part of you that would’ve remained hidden had it not been for that situation.  You get to learn about yourself, about the people that surround you, and about life in general.  And if you navigate your way through the situation with wisdom and care, you’ll even grow through it and come out better because of it. 

Now.  I’m not saying to invite trouble and hardship into your life.  On the contrary, it’s possible to live a guarded and considered life where such trouble and hardship is minimised.  It’s simple.  Don’t place yourself in situations that cause you to compromise on your peace and stability.  Because it’s not worth the trouble!  But it’s about your attitude through those situations that can’t be avoided.  It’s often said.  Attitude determines altitude.  And it’s true.  The more positive your attitude, the higher you’ll fly despite the circumstances you face.  As you build rainbows in the sky of your mind and life, of courage, resilience, optimism, and strength, you’ll jump from the end of one challenging situation to the beginning of another with increased wisdom and peace, ensuring that nothing is taken away from your overall positive and beautiful experience of life. 

I’d say.  This is a much better way to live, than down in the dumps crying.  So, cheers to rainbows!  And to our range of signature colourful treats!

Yours in caking-it,


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