We often ask ourselves the questions, “Why was I born?”, “What is my purpose on this earth?”, and “Am I fulfilling my purpose?”.  And indeed, these are important questions.  In fact, if you simply examine the behaviours of human beings over time, you’ll find an increasing trend towards men spending time and money to find the answer to these questions.  Whether it be through the help of Life Coaches or Therapists or Pastors or Mentors, men are hungry for answers and are no longer silent about it.

Looking back at the past two years where the Covid-19 virus ravaged across the whole world causing much chaos, leaving death and destruction behind its trail, but also fundamentally changing the way we’ve been doing life as we know it, it’s not surprising that many have been left asking these questions with greater emphasis and a real sense of urgency.  I mean, having witnessed a small virus that can only been seen though a microscope literally bring the whole world to its knees and question the human existence in many fundamental respects, including whether God really exists, it’s become clear to many that there must be more to life than just living.  That to be alive is a privilege and a blessing that should be walked out with intentionality and purpose.  That we must all be on this earth for a reason.  The question being whether we’ve each found those reasons and are deliberately aligned to them and walking in that destiny.

So, a good starting point would be to figure out what was in the beginning.  That is, why and how life started.  Because without an appreciation of that moment, it’s not possible to fully understand how to walk out the present and the future.  Where we come from accounts for a lot. 

For some, the answer is simple.  It all started with a ‘big bang’.  Where there was nothing.  Then suddenly the earth was.  And from that place, man evolved.  He was initially an ape.  But eventually took the form of a human.  And it’s all in the ‘bang’.  A random act and moment of science that brought life to the earth without any real purpose.  Which means that to live is the purpose in itself.  That man was born and will eventually die, and in between that gets to experience the earth doing whatever he chooses to do and walk in as his purpose.

For others, the beginning is found in the Bible.  Where God created the earth out of darkness over a period of 6 days simply by speaking it into existence, culminating with replicating Himself in man, rested on the seventh day, formed man and all living creatures after that, made woman for man, and then mandated man to be fruitful on the earth and to multiply and dominate.  Establishing a purpose in man that was known from before the beginning, in His heart, and then empowering man to live out that purpose on the earth.

Many debates have ensued between the two schools of thought over the years.  For the Scientist, the science is clear and irrefutable. Purpose is found in doing that which your heart leads you to do.  Because purpose is in you.  Established in your likes, desires, gifts and so on.  You simply look to these things to determine your purpose.  For the man of Faith, purpose is defined by God and rests in His heart.  To find yourself, you have to find Him, and then He will show you why you were born and what your purpose is on the earth.  That purpose, also known as assignment, is not necessarily tied to your giftings, strengths, likes or desires, but mandated by God according to His will.

Whichever school of thought you’re aligned to, the point is this.  There must be more to life than just living.  And at Tsim & Bibi, we take this very seriously.  There must be more to cakes than just caking-it.  And yes, we’re a Bakery.  And a very good one, might I add.  Our products have been uniquely designed to give the consumer a ‘taste of Heaven’ with every bite.  Our range of cakes, cupcakes, and cookies are delicious, light, and always freshly baked.  We pride ourselves in consistency, attention to detail and baking our products individually at all times. Excellence made manifest!  And we’re excited to be introducing new products to our range in March 2022.  We’ve been tirelessly working on these recipes over the past few months, and we can’t wait to bring them to you.  We hear it repeatedly.  Our cakes are delectable, but also a masterful work of art!  We’re caking it!  And will continue to do so and to do more.  But, there is more to cakes than just caking-it.

This is why you’ll find Toffee Apples and Slush at Tsim & Bibi.  They don’t really have much to do with cakes but, in their own way, have everything to do with them.  Delicious treats that can be enjoyed by both young and old and bring pleasure to the consumer.  You’ll also find the novel ‘Full Circle’ available for purchase in store.  This is my first novel as a published author, telling a story that everyone should read (this isn’t just my personal bias speaking).  About the journey called ‘life’, and how there is no circumstance or situation that man cannot overcome and be better because of.  That no matter how painful or difficult, we all have it in us to keep things moving.  Just think about the past two years and this message hits home!  What’s also inspiring about Full Circle is that it was published in the United States of America even though I am based in South Africa.  Showing that while the world is vast and so big, it’s also very small.  That borders aside, the whole world is at the tip of your fingers.  And available to you if you are prepared to reach for it.  I think you’d all agree that Covid-19 proved this very point.  By literally collapsing all territorial boundaries and turning the whole world into one land.  With the virus floating in the air and touching different nations, nationalities, tribes, communities and families in the very same way. 

This also explains The Cake Table.  Why I introduced the blog and its relevance to the business of Tsim & Bibi.  As you may have already gathered, the blog touches varying life topics that are applicable in this day, but always relates those back to the business.  That while the blog topics are not just about cakes, they ultimately have everything to do with cakes.  Because it’s not just about cakes.  But rather about life expressed and explained through cakes.  That, as we cake-it, we live-it.  And as we live-it, we fully appreciate-it and enjoy-it.  Never missing a moment, an expression, an articulation, a representation, or even a lesson, through cakes.

And so, I hope that Tsim & Bibi is to you that which we have set out to make it.  And that this blog will feed your soul as much Tsim & Bibi feeds your stomachs with our tasty treats.  That you are left better for having made Tsim & Bibi a part of your individual stories and also connecting with me through this blog.  If we can achieve that, I’d say we’re walking in alignment with our destiny.  After all, there is more to life than just cakes!

Yours in baking,


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