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We supply a wide range of luxury cakes, cupcakes and scones for any occasion, together with specialised signature ranges of each. We also supply Tsim & Bibi signature treats, and these include homemade biscuits, slush and toffee apples.

Tsim & Bibi seeks to become a supplier of choice in the global cake industry, and to be known for consistently providing freshly baked and tasty cakes, cupcakes and scones. All of our products are individually made on order, as quality is of paramount importance to us, and we are able to guarantee that the products will remain fresh for at least seven days from the date of collection.

All of our products are
individually made on order


Our products will
leave you with
“a taste of heaven” in your mouth

Our cakes, cupcakes and scones are heavenly – delectable, fresh and tasty, and will bring that extra enjoyment to any occasion. Our signature treats are delicious and provide that extra pleasure in moments of indulgence.

We have a wide
selection of products,
all made using our signature recipes


Our cakes come in the following sizes:
Small (15 cm)
Between (18 cm)
Standard (20 cm)

All cakes come in round or square shapes


We supply a wide range of speciality cakes for any occasion on an order basis. These include birthday parties, wedding celebrations and generally any occasions where specialised cakes are required. These cakes are priced once the design has been agreed with our team.


We provide wedding cakes to suit any design, size, tastes and budget. A complimentary cake tasting is arranged for all confirmed orders. Please note that terms and conditions apply.


We supply a wide range of speciality cupcakes for any occasion on an order basis. These cupcakes are priced once the design has been agreed with our team.


Delicious cake pops




Cheese and Onion



Contains 7 cupcakes.



Granny smith apples covered in red sugar glaze, wrapped in blue cellophane, with a Tsim & Bibi ribbon. Our signature toffee apples include traditional candied apples, chocolate and honeycomb apples, and chocolate and peanut apples. All come wrapped in blue cellophane and tied with a Tsim & Bibi ribbon. This is a treat you don’t want to miss.

Toffee Apples

Chocolate Apples

Caramel Apples

Signature Loaves

Scone Loaves

Cake Loaves



Indulge in a uniquely
Tsim & Bibi experience
with every bite that you take

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Full Circle

Tsim & Bibi has partnered with South African based author, Chipo Pswarayi, to make hard copies of her first published novel, Full Circle, available in South Africa. Full Circle was published in the United States of America by Archway Publishing, and has been highly rated by book reviewers since its release. Notably, Full Circle was a best selling Archway Publishing novel in the first two weeks of its release, and continues to draw interest and demand from across the globe.

When Faith leaves her hometown in Zambia to study in Kenya, she meets and marries the love of her life. What begins as a beautiful marriage swiftly unravels into a dangerous nightmare, wherein Faith loses her identity, as laughter and happiness become distant memories. Her abusive husband eventually demands a divorce, leaving Faith in a foreign country with no income and two children. Once a strong, independent woman, Faith must fight to keep things together and to find herself again. Faith’s is a story of hope despite despair, second chances, and starting over, no matter age or circumstance. Faith’s gripping story has touched the hearts of many across the globe.

Full Circle is also available on Amazon.